SSPC 2018 Annual Conference

The SSPC 2018 Annual Conference (2018 Conference Programme) was held on the 17th of May at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.  For a copy of the presentations on the day, click here.

NES Academic Fellowship in General Practice 2018 - 2019

These offer unique opportunities for training in academic aspects of general practice, and are ideal for GPs at an early stage of career development contemplating an academic career.

The successful candidates for 2018 - 2019 are;

Peter Hanlon (University of Glasgow)

Harry Sprot (University of St Andrews)

David Fraile-Navarro (University of St Andrews)

Marianne McCallum (University of Glasgow)

Johanna Reilly (University of Edinburgh)

Rose Wood (University of Aberdeen)

Karen Nicolson (University of Dundee)


Updates on the work of the SSPC can be found in our bi-annual newsletter;

Summer Newsletter 2018

Newsletter Summer 2017

Newsletter Winter 2017

Summer Newsletter 2016

Winter Newsletter 2016

Primary Care Transformation

A first of the case study contributions to the SSPC national evaluation of new models of Primary Care will be uploaded to this website in early February.  The SSPC is currently undertaking a programme of work that aims to evaluate new models of Primary Care that are being tested across Scotland.  This programme is led by Professor Stewart Mercer and Dr Bridie Fitzpatrick at the University of Glasgow.  Other member universities and an affiliate member university are undertaking different case studies that will contribute to the overall national evaluation:

  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners (University of Stirling, led by Margaret Maxwell)
  • MSK (University of Glasgow, led by Barbara Nicholl)
  • NHS Tayside (University of St Andrews, led by Frank Sullivan)
  • NHS Lanarkshire (University of Glasgow, led by Frances Mair)
  • NHS Ayrshire & Arran (University of Glasgow, led by Kate O'Donnell)
  • NHS Highlands & Islands (University of Highlands & Islands, led by Gill Hubbard & Annetta Smith)
  • Identifying Outcome Measures (University of Dundee, led by Bruce Guthrie)